How To: Groom Your Eyebrows

Groom Your Eyebrows

Groomed eyebrows are key to your whole look, as they make a frame for your face. Aida shows us how to shape and groom your brows in this video.

Step 1 Sparse Brows

Use the natural shape of your brow to fill in sparse brows. You can use an eyebrow pencil or an angled brush and taupe or brown shadow that matches your eye brow hair. Be careful not to draw a line and use an eyebrow brush to blend.

Step 2 Pluck and Shape

Again, using the shape of your natural brow, pluck stray hairs under the brow bone for a clean look. You can use a concealer above the brow for a cleaner look.

Example: CoverGirl Simply Ageless concealer

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