How To: Use a cut throat razor to shave in the bush

Use a cut throat razor to shave in the bush

A video about bushcraft skills is probably the last place you'd expect to find anything about mens grooming and shaving, but here we are. If you can use a cut throat razor, you can master any blade.

This video tutorial will not only show you how to shave, but it will show you how to sharpen the cut throat blade with a whetstone that was soaked in water.

To shave with the cut throat knife, use some hot water, a badger hair brush, and shaving foam. Sharpen the knife on the strap and begin shaving with the blade.

Q for Quintessential Bushcraft. With this video you'll be looking your best in the woods by having a shave with a cut throat razor. The ultimate close shave for bushcrafters.

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