How To: Use a Cut Throat Razor to Shave in the Bush

Use a Cut Throat Razor to Shave in the Bush

A video about bushcraft skills is probably the last place you'd expect to find anything about men's grooming and shaving, but here we are. If you can use a cutthroat razor, you can master any blade.

This video tutorial will show you not only how to shave but also how to sharpen the cutthroat blade with a whetstone that was soaked in water.

To shave with the cutthroat knife, use some hot water, a badger hair brush, and shaving foam. Sharpen the knife on the strap and begin shaving with the blade.

Q for Quintessential Bushcraft. With this video, you'll be looking your best in the woods by shaving with a cutthroat razor — the ultimate close shave for bushcrafters.

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