How To: Know the basics of shaving

Know the basics of shaving

Follow along with this video as we learn the basics of shaving.

What you need:
-A razor
-Shaving Cream

-First of all you have to turn the hot water on and get your razor really wet.
-Just leave the water running because you will be using it continuously as you shave.
-Next, get your hands wet and pat your face down.
-Make sure your hands are dry and put the shaving cream into your palm, rub together with your other hand and apply to face.
-Then wash the shaving cream off of your hands.
-Take your razor and use a down motion across your whole face. Then go back and use an upward motion, so you are going against the grain.
-Remember to keep washing your razor off.
-Finally, you should use an aftershave.

There you go, just follow these step-by-step instructions to know the basics of shaving.

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