How To: Prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs when shaving

Prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs when shaving

In this video, which is another installment of Masc Minute, we learn about razor burns, and how to prevent and treat razor burns. One thing is that you don't want to be using a dull razor. As soon as your razor is done, throw it out, because that will definitely irritate your skin. You also want to use a good shaving cream that will protect your skin. But something you can do to help treat razor burns specifically is using a post-shave repair product. The product recommended in this video is Menscience Post Shave Repair. This product will also help with ingrown hairs. This will soothe your skin right after shaving, and calm redness and calm razor burn, as well as prevent ingrown hairs. It'll also soften, refresh, and moisturize your face. This can be applied to your chest as well, if you shave your chest. Also, every now and then, give your face a rest. For example, if you don't have to shave on the weekends, give your face a rest.

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