How To: Safely shave with a straight razor

Safely shave with a straight razor

This video starts with a man introducing himself and stating he will be demonstrating how to shave with a straight razor. The picture shows the items he will be using, a razor and shaving cream, brush and lotions. He gives a disclaimer that shaving with a straight razor is somewhat dangerous as it can cause cuts and irritations to the skin.

He begins by advising that hot water is the key to shaving. He states that he prefers to use a boar hair shaving brush to lather up the shaving cream. He then demonstrates stropping the razor to sharpen it, and shows the proper way to hold the razor. Next he looks in the mirror, with the camera angle shooting him from behind, while he shows how to shave his face. He then demonstrates the use of a styptic pencil on a skin abrasion from shaving.

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