How To: Shave correctly to avoid razor bumps

Shave correctly to avoid razor bumps

One of the biggest problems men face today is razor bumps. They are irritating and unsightly. This problem occurs more frequently in people who have curly hair. You need to follow the steps below to minimize ingrown hairs and the unsightly razor bumps they create. Use a facial scrub before shaving. This helps raise the hairs from under the skin and prevents them from growing back into the skin. Do not pull the skin tight when shaving. Always allow your skin to expand under hot water for at least 2 minutes before shaving. A good move is to save your shave for the end of your shower. Always shave with downward strokes in the direction of beard growth. Avoid repeating strokes. If you must, reapply a shaving lubricant. Change razor blades at the very least every five shaves. If you follow the steps in this video, you'll have a clean face without having razor bumps after shaving.

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