How To: Shave like a gentleman

Shave like a gentleman

Get all of the objects you use for your shave. Make sure your razor is sharp. Your daily shave should be a delight and not a chore. Start by washing your face with hot water. The hot water opens up your pours allowing your beard bristles so be pushed out. Message a pre-shave product into your face. This helps soften your beard. With a brush lather up your face paint brush style not in circular motions. The lather should be a nice thin even coat. This will help keep pores from closing. Shave your cheeks downward in long even strokes. Always remember to pull your skin as tight as possible. Shave under your chin in long downward strokes. Slightly raise your chin to tighten your skin. Roll your top lip over and shave downward in only a couple of strokes. Roll in your bottom lip and again shave in downward motions. Lather your face again and shave across the grain of your cheeks. Still downward on the neck and take special under the nose. Rinse with cold water to close the pours. Apply an aftershave balm and moisture to replenish your skins oils.

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