How To: Shave when you're starting out

Shave when you're starting out

This is a very quick and simple tutorial on how to shave using a disposable razor bought from a store. You have to begin by taking whatever kind of shaving cream you have and applying it to the area you want to shave. In this video tutorial, it will be applied to the lower face for a clean and neat shave. When applying the shaving cream make sure to rub it in completely and make it a nice thick lather and then turn on the hot water on your sink. Run the blade under hot water until the blade is hot and then – depending on your method – either shave against the grain or with it. In this video the shaving is done with the grain because it is smoother. Now, again depending on your style of shaving, you can work out to in or in to out, but take care to shave in strokes to avoid cutting yourself and when you are done, rinse off and continue with your day.

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