How To: Tweeze, shape & groom eyebrows

Tweeze, shape & groom eyebrows

In this video from kandeejohnson we learn how to tweeze, shape, and groom eyebrows. Must have tools for this are tweezer, a curved pair of cuticle scissors, an eyebrow brush, and mini razors. First find the dimensions of your eyebrow. Take the eyebrow brush and using the stick part of it and place it on the side of your nose and go straight upwards. Right where it goes straight up is where your eyebrow should begin. So tweeze everything between there. To find the arch, go from side of the nose, across the pupil. Right where the cross is where the arch should be. Now go to the outer corner of the eye, and that's where the end will be. Make a marking at all these spots so you know where to tweeze. The razor will now be used to straightedge everything away holding a card to the markings you made. When tweezing, pinch and pull against the skin in the direction the hair is growing. Now brush the eyebrows upwards with the brush. Anything sticking above, gets trimmed off.

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