How To: Shape your eyebrows with eyebrow guru Ramy Gafni

Shape your eyebrows with eyebrow guru Ramy Gafni

Well-shaped eyebrows will give you a sharper, sleeker look. Eyebrow guru Ramy Gafni takes us through the nuances of the art of shaping eyebrows.

- Tweeze and trim instead of waxing. There is no precision in waxing.
- Visualize the finished eyebrow before starting.
- Everything begins with a good trim.
- Keep your eyebrows as full as possible. You want a classic look you'll be proud to see in a picture 10 years from now.
- When tweezing, remember to pull the hairs in the direction they grow.
- One or two hairs out of place don't matter. What is important is how your eyebrows complement your face.
- No one is perfectly symmetrical. You should even out your eyebrows, but it's all right that they don't look exactly alike.
- Be vigilant! Maintain your brows regularly.

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